Team Selection

Competitors are awarded points from selected UK competitions that are open to everyone and who’s classes match the categories set by EGA. Points are also awarded from major EGA recognised competitions in Europe. British Grooming Championships has now been withdrawn as of the 2016 show. These competitions must take place over the two-year selection period and competitors must have competed with a Poodle, Spaniel or Setter, Purebreed Scissor or Hand Strip dog to breed standard techniques.

Points are awarded for 1st to 3rd places in the specific classes that competitors will go on to represent. Points are also awarded for Best in Show, Reserve Best in Show/All Round Groomer, competing show organisers and Judging appointments.

Points will be awarded separately for Champion and Open Classes as follows:
Champion:                            Open:
1st Place – 5 Points               1st Place –   3 Points
2nd Place -4 Points                2nd Place – 2 Points
3rd Place – 3 Points               3rd Place –  1 Point

Best In Show: 5 Points         Reserve Best In Show/All Round Groomer: 3 Points

Judging Appointment:        Competing Organisers:
EGA –      5 Points                  Champion – 3 Points
English –  3 Points                  Open –        1 Point

The Team will be selected from the highest scoring competitors over a 2 year period.
A minimum of 9 points from their total must be achieved in the UK.
Any Champions who have previously gained 2 or more Best In Show awards from different shows are exempt from this rule.

The top 3 places for each Champion class are as follows:

Poodle – Champion                      
Denise Westbrook – 44
Fiona Brook – 43
Carol Hutchins – 23

Hand Strip – Champion
Julie Lalou Simpson – 54
Amy Manser – 22
Karen Hurrian – 17

Pure Breed Scissor – Champion  
Cheryl Howard – 47
Alison Rogers –  43
Becki Ensell – 27

Spaniel & Setter – Champion
Amy Manser – 75
Lois Dalton – 29
Jo Silk-Smith – 17

Any results achieved from EGA competitions are the responsibility of the competitor to inform the Groom Team England committee.
Please click on the link below, print and then complete the form and either scan and email it to: or post to: Groom Team England, 2 Henry Street, Keighley, BD21 3DR.

Click here for ‘Points Achieved’ Form

This form must be completed and returned within 30 days of being placed in an EGA competition.