Point Awarding Shows

Competitors are awarded points currently from the following shows:

The Grooming Show,Master Groom (April), Strictly Come Grooming, Premier Groom, UK Groom Off, British Groomers Association Championships, Cymru Groom Wales.

All European EGA shows are awarded points.

To be accepted as point awarding these shows must:

Have a minimum of 50 combined Open and Champion entries

Run classes of 4 skills levels i.e. Beginners, Intermediate, Open and Champion

Run 4 breed classes; Poodle, Spaniel and Setter, Pure breed Scissor and Hand Strip to breed standard. 

If any of these criteria are not met in any year then points will NOT be awarded from that show.

Organisers are requested to publish the results and also forward results to the Groom Team Committee. 

Points Allocation

The Team will be selected from the highest scoring competitors over a 2 year period.
A minimum of 9 points from their total must be achieved in the UK.
Any Champions who have previously gained 2 or more Best In Show awards from different shows are exempt from this rule.

Points are awarded for 1st to 3rd places in the specified breed classes. Points are also awarded for Best in Show, competing show organisers and judging appointments.

Points will be awarded for Champion Classes and first places ONLY will be awarded for open classes:

1st Place – 5 Points              
2nd Place – 4 Points          
3rd Place – 3 Points         

1st Place – 2 Points (Open Class)   

Best In Show: 5 Points        

Judging Appointment:       

EGA show –      3 Points               

Non EGA Show –  1 Point   

 Competing Organisers:  

           1 Point

Any results achieved from EGA competitions are the responsibility of the competitor to inform the Groom Team England committee.
Please click on the link below, print and then complete the form and either scan and email it to: info@black-heath.co.uk or post to: Groom Team England, 15 Church Street, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 1EL.

Click here for ‘Points Achieved’ Form

This form must be completed and returned within 30 days of being placed in an EGA competition.

Points Awarded

 The Grooming ShowMaster GroomPremier GroomGreat NorthBritish Grooming ChampionshipsSpin OffEuropean ShowsJudgingTotal
Denise Westbrook257
Fee Brook55151026
Kirsty Young14510544547
Lia Jayne Henderson325
Louisa Tandy85417
Naomi Short224
Tasha Anderson22
Marie Chong33
Christine Anderton33
Costin Stoica639
Hand Strip
Costin Stoica844440161
Julie Lalou655622
Gemma Guile22
Sophie Fury455317
Karen Hurrion336
Mich Dale981054137
Pure Breed
Cheryl Howard641154939
Nathan Brown94518
Marie Chong224
Emma Taylor55
Becki Ensell1010
Peter Ensell1010
Connie Critcher33
Spaniel & Setter
Amy Manser5105511339
Hannah Bowles5914
Emma Bull475420
Jo Silk-Smith334313
Sue Pratt55
Mike Wildman1010
Kris Upton22